A close-to-home photo walk

These are from a quick photo walk taken along the Ironhorse Trail in San Ramon the day following Thanksgiving family festivities.


I like the dew drops just visible on the grass in the foreground.

Views from Coit Tower

Some shots of San Francisco from the top of Coit Tower.

San Francisco

San Francisco, November

Saints Peter and Paul Church across from Washington Square Park, San Francisco.

Saints Peter and Paul Church

November 2016

November 2016's "Supermoon" - the closest (to Earth) full-moon event for many years to come.


On Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

Coit Tower, taken from the base while waiting in live for the 90 second elevator ride to the top.

Coit Tower

Taken with the M.Zuiko 12-40 Pro.

Aptos, CA

From a trip to Seascape Beach Resort & Conference Center in Aptos, CA - this was taken thru a stand of trees at sunset.

Seascape Sunset

Family of Hawks in the Neighborhood

A family of hawks have moved into the neighborhood recently.