Spring in January

Several hummingbirds Wintered-over with us, likely on account of the mild conditions and my keeping the feeders full.  This one at roost, staying watchful of 'his' feeders on his favorite branch.


Transamerica in Background

San Francisco on a rainy night - narrow skyline with the Transamerica pyramid in the background.


Shot with the E-PL1 and my Lumix 14mm F2.5.  Thought I'd do some street photog on this night in Chinatown, but was a little too rainy and cold to go out, so shot this from the window about 9 floors up.  Cropped and straightened in Darktable.

As Seen From Land's End

I took a few shots of the Golden Gate from Land's End - the perspective of looking into the bay from its mouth. 


That's Angel Island in the background.  I wouldn't characterize these photos as 'inspired' - I'm a little out of practice.