Launching XAMPP Manager from the Ubuntu desktop

Where XAMPP provides the organization and management structure around a (L)AMP stack on the Ubuntu (13.10) workstation, XAMPP Manager provides an administrative UI to managing the stack - simple and functional.

To make launching the manager more convenient, create a launcher on the desktop.

Installing XAMPP (L)AMP Stack on Ubuntu 13

I decided a long time ago that the purist's approach to installing the full WAMP/LAMP stack on my personal (home) development machine was no longer worth the effort.  There are many fantastic open solutions available that make the install and management of the stack so incredibly easy.

On Windows OS, I'm quite partial to EasyPHP - this is an outfit that has really nailed the concept of managability, whether in dev-mode or for light production..

On Linux OS, I'm partial to XAMPP, and while I wish that EasyPHP built for Linux, I find XAMPP to be a highly suitable solution overall.