This fine looking bird of prey, a Harris' Hawk, was on its perch outdoors at the San Francisco Zoo on our last visit.  He was quite a bird to behold.

Harris' Hawk

Adaptation using dedicated Page entry

Unbeknownst to me until yesterday, PivotX evidently limits results on queries for entries such that the system for identifying and displaying one dedicated post as a permanent sticky (upper left summary entry in the Bold theme, otherwise known as slider position 0) failed following my 21st post. 

This has been solved with a better long-term solution using a Page entry in lieu of a standard (Blog) entry.

Early Fall Bloom

The warm (early) Fall weather has brought about a late bloom.

Little Yellow Flower


Photo taken at the San Francisco Zoo.  The SF Zoo sets the bar in so many ways - clean, organized, historic but modern where it counts, with friendly staff, and featuring (mostly) beautifully appointed enclosures.