Guarding his Eucalyptus

I captured this little fellow at the San Diego Zoo the summer of 2012.


Setup Error Upgrading to IE 8

Reposting this article from as it continues to be a high ranking search term.

I ran into a frustratingly idiotic error trying to upgrade from IE 6 to IE 8 following a reinstall of Windows XP sp3.  When attempting to upgrade Internet Explorer, the error "KB932823-v3 Setup Error - Setup has detected that the Service Pack version of this system is newer than the update you are applying" is presented for the user's amusement.

A Shell of Who I Used To Be

From a recent vacation to the heart of Texas, I recovered several locust husks, and staged one on a little red cactus (grafted gymnocalycium) for  dramatic effect and interest.

Locust Ghost

California Academy of Sciences

Captured in Rainforests of the World terrarium exhibit inside of the California Academy of Sciences at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Owl Butterfly

On Patrol

This is a photo taken last Summer in my backyard - sadly, not so many Ladies in the neighborhood this Summer.

Ladybird Hunting

At Peace in a Favorite Tree

I captured this Blue Eyed Darner resting in a frequent hangout. 

Blue Eyed Darner